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Replay FX: One of the Greatest Pinball & Arcade Conventions That Ever Was

As you can tell from my recent posts, I've always been big into family vacations...particularly road trips. Back in 2016, my family decided to take a summer road trip that was centered around one of the greatest pinball and arcade conventions in history, Pittsburgh's Replay FX.

Replay FX was a combination of an absolutely enormous gaming convention at Pittsburgh's David L. Lawrence Convention Center and what was at the time, and may still be, the largest pinball tournament in the world, PAPA's (Professional & Amateur Pinball Association) Pinburgh. Sadly COVID ended up taking down both Replay FX and Pinburgh, but pictures of the trip that my family took to the event popped up in my Facebook memories yesterday. I figured that I'd share them here to give people who were fond of the event a chance to look back and reminisce and those who were never able to go a chance to see what it was all about.

A lot of the games that you see in these pictures, such as Jersey Jack's The Hobbit, Stern Pinball's Ghostbusters, and even Chicago Gaming Company's Medieval Madness to a certain extent were brand new at the time. My sons were so little in these pictures. One of them is going off to college in two weeks and the other is in 8th grade. And it was pre-beard, pre-heart surgeries for me.

What a great show. That trip created the love that I have for the city of Pittsburgh that I still have today. It's a great place and a fantastic pinball city.

Keep in mind that this was back when I was just starting the whole take pictures of games and share them on my Facebook page thing so the quality of the pics isn't what it is today :). Enjoy!

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