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Replay of American Pinball Pinball Expo Virtual Factory Tour

Arcade Hollywood always makes great YouTube videos about the arcade and pinball hobby. Today they shared the official American Pinball virtual factory tour that originally aired at last week's Pinball Expo. I have embedded the American Pinball All-Access Virtual Tour 2022 below for your viewing pleasure.

Here's a couple of notes that I jotted down while watching the video:

- Dennis Nordman said that he's working on two games right now, both of which have original themes.

- Dennis went on to say "one of my new creations has a completely redesigned pinball cabinet. You're all going to be pretty excited when you see it." This may tie in with the rumor that AP's next game Galactic Tank Force looks like an actual tank.

- The video introduced Casey Butler as one of the main programmers for American Pinball.

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