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Replay of Buffalo Pinball's Reveal of Multimorphic's New Weird Al Pinball Machine

I was multitasking on Saturday night, with one eye on the NCAA Tournament and the other on my iPad checking out Buffalo Pinball's great reveal stream for Multimorphic's new P3 pinball game, Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity. The game looked fantastic. As expected, the upper portion of the playfield had tons of unique mechs and ramps, which did not disappoint.

Each Weird Al song was represented by an exhibit at the museum that had its own mini-game. My personal favorite was the mode for the song "My Bologna" in which players had to use the Simpsons Pinball Party-esque upper playfields to build bologna sandwiches on the playfield screen.

Buffalo Pinball uploaded a replay of the event to YouTube this morning. I have embedded it below for anyone who is interested in checking it out:

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