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ROUND 1 Entertainment - Middletown, NY (September 2019)

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Here are pictures of Round 1 Entertainment in Middletown, NY That I took on my new iPhone 11 Pro.

My sons and I had so much fun at this place this morning. We got there right as it opened and had it mostly to ourselves. In my opinion, Round 1 is definitely better than Dave & Busters if you’re looking for a mainstream arcade experience.

Yes, the Round 1 claw machines are super cheesy rigged, but there’s so many unique games there. The number of Japanese rhythm games and dancing games is astonishing. I had never really played many of them before today. Now I want to buy one for my home arcade lol.

Round 1 has a huge selection of Candy Cab-like games with all sorts of cool stuff in them as well. Street Fighter, Tekken, some sort of new Space Invaders and Tetris games, lots of wild stuff. It just feels so much more like a real arcade that isn’t designed to siphon all of the money out of your pocket with redemption machines than a lot of other mainstream places. Yes there’s redemption games, but there was so much more. And them a lot of the redemption stuff that they did have was things that I’ve never seen before.

In addition to the games, This Round 1 location had pool, ping pong, karaoke rooms, a bar and probably other stuff that I’m forgetting. It was a blast.

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