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RUMOR: A Large Order Has Been Placed for Twilight Zone Pinball Ramps

Now we're cookin'. On the heels of this morning's interesting rumor about the possibility of a Capcom Big Bang Bar remake, another one just came in, this time through the Knapp Arcade website chat feature.

I've been hearing for a while that Chicago Gaming Company (CGC) is working on a remake of the super popular 1993 Williams pinball machine Twilight Zone (TZ) for a while now. I've always discounted it as not being true for a number of reasons, first and foremost of which is that there just seems to be much more low-hanging fruit for CGC to pick than a licensed, widebody pinball machine. They could easily just continue cranking out unlicensed, standard body games like Tales of the Arabian Nights and Theatre of Magic and instantly sell out of them, so why mess around with something more difficult like this? Not to mention the fact that with over 15,000 machines produced, TZ is not nearly as rare as just about any other machine CGC could remake.

Well, the rumor that was submitted today is that a large 1,500 unit order of Twilight Zone ramps was placed in 2022. This is the first specific detail that I've heard about a potential TZ remake. Could it be completely made up? Of course, but the message seemed fairly believable to me. It didn't set off my BS meter lol.

So what do you think, would Twilight Zone be a good machine to remake? I say, absolutely. I'm sure that it would sell, it's an amazing game. I don't understand why anyone would remake it before something easier, but maybe it's some head honcho's favorite machine. Would you be in on a New In Box Twilight Zone?

Of course, all of the rumors that I mention are just that, rumors until proven otherwise. I've found this one hard to believe for a while, but I'm starting to find it more plausible as I keep hearing the rumblings about it. Keep those rumors rolling in at or via the chat feature on this website. At the very least, all this speculation is really fun to talk about.

Below are several pictures that I took of a Twilight Zone at the fantastic Pastime Pinball location in Vermont couple of months ago.

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Everything and nothing all at the same time! probably Planetary Pinball just buying NOS ramps which are more than 30 years old and probably don't function and cannot be installed due to storage dry out and the deleterious effects of time itself. everything decays and deteriorates, no matter where or how it is stored. Perhaps they're cornering the market on NOS ramps on purpose; or they could be obtaining the NOS plastic for their own reasons such as sales of the same product at a higher price. Hell, if I could buy all the NOS ramps of a certain unique and ubiquitous game, I'd invest just to 3D print the New stock and be the only one selling ACTUAL, certifi…

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