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Rumor: Jersey Jack Pinball Holds the License to Top Gun

This morning, The Eclectic Gamers podcast released their latest episode, Number 173 titled "SE+ for so Many Months." As you can tell from the title, they discussed the delays that Chicago Gaming Company has been experiencing with the SE+ and LE units of its new Cactus Canyon game. That's not what this post is about, however. I'm going to talk about Dennis Kriesel's critically acclaimed "Rumor Corner" segment of the show. I'm not sure what critics have acclaimed the segment other than myself, not am I sure that I am considered to be a critic...nonetheless the segment contained a very interesting pinball rumor.

The rumor that was discussed is that Jersey Jack Pinball holds the license to produce a pinball machine for the classic Top Gun. The rumor didn't specify whether the license was for the old school 80's Top Gun or the new film Top Gun: Maverick. I don't know whether the rumor is true, but in my opinion it would be an absolutely fantastic theme for Steve Ritchie's first game at Jersey Jack. The King of Flow actually produced a game with very similar theme to this back in 1987 when he worked for Williams pinball, F-14 Tomcat. That pin was essentially loosely based on the Top Gun theme and is loved by many to this day. Man that game plays fast!

Not only did Steve Ritchie design the Top Gun-like F-14 pin back in the day, he actually purchased a restored Williams F-14 at the recent Pintastic New England pinball show and had it shipped back to Chicago. A little research for his next game, perhaps? I personally like the Top Gun theme A LOT more than some of the bland rock theme titles that I've heard rumored to be on tap for Ritchie's next game. What will his first JJP game be? We'll probably have to wait until late 2023 to see.

Here's a link to the show for anyone why wants to check it out:

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