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RUMOR: Jersey Jack Pinball Pauses Public Factory Tours...

Here's an interesting pinball rumor for your Friday morning...

Earlier this week I wrote a post sharing a super-cool video factory tour of the Jersey Jack Pinball that RB Flip filmed on a recent visit (see post: ). At the time I'm sure that many people, including myself, were closely inspecting the video hoping to catch a tiny glimpse of the next Jersey Jack Pinball game. Alas, there wasn't anything that I could see. Well, rumor has it that after the RB Flip factory tour JJP has officially paused all factory tours for a while. Hmmmmmm. Why might that be? Perhaps this means that the long-anticipated next Jersey Jack pinball machine is now in production? That's all speculation based on what I've heard from people about potential tours, but the pieces fit :). Hopefully we'll be hearing more about Jersey Jack's next game soon. I can't wait!

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