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No New Stern Pinball Cornerstone Game Until August 2022

--- Update, I just spoke with Zach Sharpe, Stern Pinball's Director of Marketing, and he confirmed the delay of the next Cornerstone game ---

A rumor is swirling that pinball enthusiasts like ourselves may have a long wait for the next new pinball machine from the industry's #1 manufacturer, Stern Pinball. Supposedly Stern is telling distributors that it will not release a new Cornerstone game until August 2022 to give itself time to catch up on its major backlog of ordered games.

While this news certainly is a big disappointment from the standpoint that we won't have new games to anticipate, talk about etc... I understand why Stern is making this move. I personally ordered a Deadpool Pro last March and it's STILL not slated to be produced until July 2022 at the earliest. The delays for existing games are crazy right now.

The fact that a six month gap between new games is newsworthy for Stern is actually pretty funny. That just goes to show what a dominant force the company is in the industry. For many manufacturers, six months between games would actually be fast.

On the plus side, one would think that this delay will give Stern lots of time to work on the code for its upcoming releases. If that is the case, new releases will end up being much more of a finished product than has often been the case. Furthermore, one would think that the Company can use the time to add more Insider Connected features and code updates to its existing games.

So what does everyone think? Do you agree with the move? Feel free to comment below on this article here at the website by using a Facebook or Google login or on the Knapp Arcade Facebook page:

P.S. Sorry about the lame picture. That's supposed to be a "Cornerstone" lol. Articles without at least one pic are boring so I needed something :)

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