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Rumor-palooza Continues...Brand New License For Stern Pinball

"Well, John Wasn't Exactly 'The Boogeyman.' He Was The One You Sent To Kill The F***ing Boogeyman."

Yesterday we talked about potential upcoming new titles from both Jersey Jack and Stern Pinball. At the end of the article, I put out the call for more rumors...and that call was answered. Again this is what I would call a very reliable source.

So here's today's rumor, which I don't believe that I've heard anywhere else yet. Supposedly Stern Pinball has the license for and is in the "early stages" of developing a John Wick Pinball machine. Oh man, that's a good one! I've probably seen John Wick 1 at least twenty times. That movie is always on cable somewhere. I love the first movie in the franchise, but I somehow I had never seen John Wick 2 and 3 until earlier this year. They were great as well. As soon as John Wick 4 is available on anything but Pay Per View I'll watch it too.

The John Wick movies are jam packed with action. That would have to be a super fast-paced pinball machine. The movies are also jam packed with awesome quotes...

- "People Keep Asking If I'm Back, And I Haven't Really Had An Answer. But Now, Yeah! I'm Thinking I'm Back!"

- "I Once Saw Him Kill Three Men In A Bar With A Pencil. With A F***ing Pencil!"

- "You Stabbed The Devil In The Back And Forced Him Back Into The Life He Had Just Left."

- "As I Live And Breathe! John Wick. The Man. The Myth, The Legend. You're Not Very Good At Retiring."

- "$14 Million Dollar Bounty On His Head, And Every Interested Party In The City Wants A Piece Of It. I'd Say The Odds Are About Even."

Come on. How good are those?

While we're on the subject of rumored future titles for Stern Pinball. After yesterday's debate in my article about whether dueling Indiana Jones pinball machines from Stern and Jersey Jack is possible I looked into the subject a little more. According to what I was able to find out, Stern Pinball does indeed still have the license for Indiana Jones. The game is due out next year (2024) and may be only based on the first movie in the series "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

Do both Stern and JJP hold the license for Indiana Jones? I am super skeptical that is the case, but I've heard that both have the license from what I consider to be knowledgeable sources who have been right in the past. One way or the other, it sure seems like we're getting a new Indiana Jones pin, which is fantastic. Even though there's already two of them, I love those movies so much I don't care I want more.

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Dude, you still have cable??

Replying to

Netflix and Disney is all for me. Not really interested in sports-ball. I do watch a good amount of pinball and video games on Twitch though 😁


Spooky designed HWN/UM as John Wick, but couldn't secure the license before retheming them thusly

Replying to

Bug said so himself on multiple interviews

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