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RUMOR: Stern Pinball to Release Back to the Future Pinball Machine in 2025

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

In a recent interview, Stern Pinball's George Gomez stated that the company is already working on pinball machines as far out as the year 2025. Very appropriately, I've heard a rumor that this "Future" pinball title may be none other than the iconic 80's movie that pinball fans have been clamoring for..."Back to the Future." The release would be tied in with the 40th anniversary of the movie.

Word is that work on the project has already begun. The designer of the rumored game isn't George Gomez, but rather Keith Elwin. Most likely Joe Kaminkow, who has an existing relationship with the BTTF license holders, would be involved with the title as well. If he is, look for the potential return of Kaminkow favorite Christopher Franchi for the game's art.

Again, this is just all rumors at this point but it sure is fun to think about. Back to the Future would be an amazing title for Stern. I know that I personally would go bananas for it. Kudos to Dan Rosenstein for the discussion that sparked my interest in this subject.

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Is there many Data East titles left to remake? Tommy and The Crypt.

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