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Saloon Doors are Coming Soon for Chicago Gaming Company Cactus Canyon Remake Pinball Machines

Customers who have been enduring the long wait for Chicago Gaming Company's Limited Edition version of its new Cactus Canyon Remake pinball machines may be in for a pleasant surprise. Earlier this evening, Planetary Pinball, the Bally Williams rights holder, shared the below picture on Pinside along with a picture of the word "Hallelujah!"

Speculation is that this is a picture of an injection mold for the long-rumored Cactus Canyon "Saloon Doors." Back in the 90s, the original Cactus Canyon prototype machines contained saloon doors that were designed to guard the trough at the top of the game's playfield. Supposedly, the coding exists that causes the doors to open when hit revealing the shot. This feature was ultimately dropped in the original production version of Cactus Canyon, either to cut costs or in the rush to finish the game and work on the Pinball 2000 project.

I don't believe that Chicago Gaming has announced how the rumored Saloon Doors will be sold, but there has been speculation that they will be sold in conjunction with the upgraded code expansion that the late Lyman Sheats was working on with Josh Sharpe.

Man this is a bad picture. Did someone snap it with their Nintendo Game Boy camera? LOL

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