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Scooby-Doo and Godfather Pinball Production Updates

Spooky Pinball recently provided a production update on its new Scooby-Doo pinball machine. The Company has built and boxed up 100 machines so far and currently has another 56 games on the line.

Jersey Jack pinball won the race with Stern to get its new game out first. It's new Godfather pinball machine has already arrived in Italy (appropriately) and is now arriving at distributors and locations across the United States. I've seen several social media posts about games already at bars and breweries today, including the one below from On Tilt, the pinball speakeasy in the back of the Los Angeles-area Korean BBQ Ayce Gogi. On Tilt already has Scooby-Doo on location as well. Pretty awesome.

Godfather is also already on location at Yette Station in Aurora, IL, I/O Arcade Bar in Madison, WI and Blue Moon Bar and Grill in Madison, WI. Hey, why does Madison have two already? Not fair lol.

Folks at the distributor Great American Pinball shared a little cellphone footage of Godfather being played this afternoon. I have embedded the footage below.


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