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Scott Danesi Named Creative Director for Next Multimorphic P3 Pinball Game

Multimorphic Pinball's founder Gerry Stellenberg sent out a very interesting update on the company this morning. Multimorphic continues to increase its manufacturing speed for its P3 machines. The delay to get a new one currently stands at approximately ten weeks. Over the next couple of months, the Company hopes to have shipped all of the remaining ordered Weird Al modules to existing P3 customers. The estimated ship time for a new P3 machine ordered today remains unchanged at around one year. In more exciting news, Multimorphic announced that Scott Danesi, the designer of the Total Nuclear Annihilation and Rick & Morty pinball machines that were built by Spooky pinball, is the "Creative Director" of the next P3 game. Congratulations to Scott and Multimorphic. I can't wait to see what they have for us next.

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