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Significant Layoffs at Digital Pinball Company Zen Studios

Here's some sad news, according to a report on a website called Game World Observer, Embracer Group - parent company of a number of software developers, has laid off 32 employees at Zen Pinball, which according to LinkedIn has only 80-something total employees.

Zen and its Pinball FX platform are the dominant players in the digital pinball industry. Zen did try to expand beyond the world of pinball with games like Circus Electrique last year. Perhaps this change will force the Company to refocus on its bread and butter - digital pinball.

Despite these layoffs, Zen has been fairly active on the pinball front lately, announcing a new partnership with AtGames for its new 4K digital pinball machine, launching a number of new tables for its Pinball FX platform and rolling out a new mature pinball platform called Pinball M.

Cryptic Studios and Zen Studios appear to be latest studios affected by Embracer Group’s restructuring

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