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Sonic Spinball Designer Ryan McQuaid Joins American Pinball

Steve Bowden and the American Pinball crew made an appearance with the Company’s newest game, Legends of Valhalla, on the Deadflip Pinball Twitch stream this evening. A few minutes ago, David Fix, American Pinball‘s Director of Operations, officially announced that Ryan McQuaid, designer of the beloved Sonic Spinball homebrew pinball machine, has been hired by the company. I am sitting in the car at my son’s soccer practice as I write this, so I don’t have many more details than this yet LOL. I will watch the replay of the stream later to see if there is any more info on the hiring and if this means that the company will produce Sonic. Congratulations to Ryan and American! AP sure has been on a roll lately. They have some fantastic stuff in the queue. More info to come…

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