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Spooky Pinball Adds Free Topper to New TNA; Machines are Still Available

Today's big news was the launch of ordering for Spooky Pinball's new run of Scott Danesi's popular Total Nuclear Annellation machine, exclusively available to members of the company's "Fang Club". Orders opened at 10:00 AM Central time and there was a quick burst of 100 orders of the game in the first two minutes. Since that time, the pace of orders has slowed. As If this writing at 5:00 PM EST some of the machines in the 250 unit run are still available.

An hour ago, Spooky surprised people who have ordered the game with a "HOT PINBALL ACTION!" topper for the machine. The topper fits around the machine's iconic siren. In the post, Spooky hinted that there may be more surprises to come for the game.

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