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Spooky Pinball Begins Selling New Run of Total Nuclear Annihilation to Non-Fang Club Members

Today marks the end of the two-week exclusive Fang Club sales period for Spooky Pinball's new run of a more tricked-out version of its popular Total Nuclear Annihilation pinball machine. That means that the game is now available for non-Fang Club members to order, as had always been the plan. Hopefully, Spooky will sell out the remaining available units now that the sales restrictions have been lifted. Link below for anyone who is interested in ordering...

Speaking of the Spooky Fang Club, my box from them just arrived in the mail today. I'll try to post a picture later of me drinking out of the fancy new cup that they sent members.

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Jack Gutowitz
Jack Gutowitz
Sep 16, 2022

Not sure if people who aren't willing to spend 40 bucks on a fanclub will be willing to shell out 9k plus tax and shipping when the fanclub members won't. But hoping the best for Spooky.

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