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Ben Heck to Begin Coding Spooky Pinball’s Next Next Game This Week

Coding help is on the way for Spooky Pinball. A few minutes ago, the well known inventor, engineer, modder and pinball Jack of all trades Ben Heckendorn aka Ben Heck stated on Pinside that he is starting coding on Spooky’s next next game this week. Ben has a long history of working with Spooky. He was significantly involved in Spooky’s America’s Most Haunted, Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International and his own Bill Paxton homebrew pin to name a few.

This is very interesting news on a couple of levels. First, it means that after being talked about for a while Ben is finally officially working with Spooky again. And second, it means that Spooky’s next game is probably very far along if coding has already started on the one after it.

Last but not least, this may have been the game that Ben was going to produce for Chicago Gaming Company coming back to Spooky.

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