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Spooky Pinball News: A Game that Almost was, Production Update & More

It's Thursday so that means that it's time for the weekly yet to be named Spooky Pinball pinball Twitch stream. This week Spooky Bug was joined by Ben Heck, the creator of the game that they were playing this evening...Spooky's first pinball machine, America's Most Haunted.

After they played the game, the duo conducted the regular end-of-stream Q & A session, through which we learned a number of interesting things.

First up are some production updates. Spooky Pinball only has two Total Nuclear Annihilation pinball machines left to sell and around 30 machines left to build from its recent production run of the game. As of this writing, the last two TNA units were still available on Spooky's website.

As far as Scooby-Doo production goes, Spooky has between 200 and 300 Scooby-Doo CE machines left to make.

Next up is an interesting story about a pinball machine that almost was. Around the time that Spooky was making America's Most Haunted, they entered into negotiations with the license holder for Mystery Science Theater 3000 to produce a pin based on the theme. So many actors and people involved with the show wanted a feee pinball machine if the game was made that Spooky decided it couldn't afford to make it.

Here's two more quick hits thet I picked up on during the stream:

  • The next Ben Heck pinball machine is not a Soooky Pinball - CGC collaboration

  • When asked if Spooky has ever spoken with Netflix about a license, Bug stated “I can’t say.

  • At one point Spooky talked about making a sequel to America's Most Haunted titled America's Most Weird 👻

  • Ben described an Easter Egg in an upcoming Spooky game that he's working on. When the player hits a Shark shot, a callout of a deep, echoed Ben Heck voice says "SHATZ!" 🐣

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