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Spooky Pinball News Bites

Good morning everyone. I'm back from a successful Wisconsin pinball trip late last week. Rob and I hit four awesome arcades and of course spent two days at the Midwest Gaming Classic. I'm sifting through the hundreds of pictures that we took on the trip and will get up reports on all the locations and the show soon.

In the meantime we're back to our regularly scheduled quick news articles here. I have a couple of interesting tidbits on Spooky Pinball this morning. According to Spooky Luke posts up on Pinside, the company is already hard at work on its next game after the Halloween / Ultraman combo. Spooky plans to have much more complete code on the next game at launch. They have two full-time programmers in house now and Spooky is in talks to hire two more.

The question remains...what will Spooky's next pinball machine be? I have heard rumblings that Spooky is working on another music pin, but that may not be the next game in the queue.

Also of note, one of my favorite European Pinball Distributors, RS Pinball GmbH (I don't actually know them personally, but they sure do share a lot of cool info :) ) has a page on its website that says the following:

"Spooky Pinball will produce the Total Nuclear Annihilation again.

with this order you will be placed on the interest list for this game.

The specification for the rerun are not finalized yet."

I wonder if this is just general speculation or if they know something about another run of TNA between the current Halloween / Ultraman run and Spooky's next release? I could totally see that happening. I definitely think that there's solid demand for another run of Scott Danesi's masterpiece.

Spooky Pinball had a big presence at last weekend's Midwest Gaming Classic, which isn't surprising considering the fact that the event was held in their home state. Below is a bunch of pics of their great display at the event. The second picture of the group below of the Ultraman side art on a CE Butter Cab looks sweet.

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