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Spooky Pinball Production Update: Looney Tunes and Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pinball to Begin Shipping in Three Weeks

Spooky Pinball recently provided a very detailed production update. Scooby-Doo Collector's Edition, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (TCM) and Looney Tunes (LT) machines are all currently being made at its factory. Scooby Blood Sucker Edition games are scheduled to go on the line "soon."

Within the next week Spooky will have fully-assembled LT and TCM machines that it will begin to play test. The sculpts for the games are the last parts to arrive at the factory and will be added right before shipping. "If all goes to plan" within three weeks LT and TCM machines will begin to ship to customers.

Very soon I'm going to have to go hunting for JAWS, Looney Tunes and Texas Chainsaw Massacre on location. I'm scheduled to go play Elton John this weekend. So awesome! I love trying out and taking pictures of new games.

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Jan 19

Bug’s got a Goosebumps cup. Confirmed next pin! Haha! Or is it Haunted Mansion?…….

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