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Spooky Pinball Rolls Out New Code for Scooby Doo, Featuring New Scooby Snack Multiball

Just in time for the weekend, Spooky Pinball has rolled out new code for its latest game Scooby Doo. The main new item in the update is a new Scooby Snack Multiball, but there is also other various rule and feature changes and bug fixes, including "a software fix that greatly reduces the stress of repeat coil fires on the transistors on the Warden," sped up auto-launch and the ability to eliminate the high-pitch whine that some players have been experiencing with their lower flippers.

Playable on it's own, Scooby Snack Multiball is a 2-ball multiball that is also stackable with all other modes and multiballs in the game. As with a lot of other pins, it sounds like you want to try to bring this multiball into a mode, or "case" as it is referred to in this Scooby, to provide a huge boost to scoring.

To start the new multiball, players need to collect four Scooby Snacks and lock a ball in each of the apron locks. The number of Scooby Snacks needed to start subsequent multiballs is higher.

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