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Spooky Pinball Targeting Late January for First Scooby-Doo Gameplay Stream

I saw this piece of news yesterday, but I sat on it until I had something else to write about so it wouldn't be my fourth straight post about Spooky Pinball lol. They've been dominating the news yesterday.

Spooky Luke recently stated that Spooky Pinball plans on showing its first stream of the Company's new Scooby-Doo pinball machine "late in the month." Spooky is much further along in the code than it was when it shared its first stream of the Halloween / Ultraman pinball machines, which is great to hear.

A month between the announcement of a new game and the first stream is actually not atypical for Spooky. It revealed its Rick and Morty pinball machine on December 16th and the first stream of it was not until February 15th.

Spooky also revealed another interesting tidbit about Scooby-Doo late last night. The game will have three post settings for the outlanes, coined "easy, medium, and Zoinks!!!" Below is a picture of what they will look like.

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