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Spooky Pinball to Double Size of Facilities

Here's some interesting news on a random Saturday afternoon. A local Wisconsin newspaper, the Telegraph Herald, is reporting that Spooky Pinball is going to double the size of its factory.

Spooky is building a 12,000-square-foot building across the street from its current location. The new structure will double the Spooky's physical footprint and serve as its new production and assembly hub. Once the addition is complete, the Company's existing building will serve as a storage and inventory hub. The addition is expected to be complete within six to eight months.

While the company does not have immediate plans to increase its 40-person staff, it may do so in the future as demand warrants.

Thanks to Thomas Robert's for the heads up on the announcement. I was at the World Famous Rock Fantast pinball location with my family and hadn't seen it yet.

With industry 'booming,' SW Wisconsin pinball company to double building space

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