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Star Wars Home Edition is on the Production Line at Stern Pinball

Happy Factory Friday everyone. A few minutes ago, Stern Pinball shared video of the Home Edition of its Star Wars pinball machine on the production line at its factory. This makes sense because I'm sure that Stern wants to crank as many Home Pins out as possible for the holiday shopping season. Apparently they are big sellers around Christmas / Hanukkah or whatever year-end holiday one celebrates.

Hopefully Stern can get its runs of Home Pins done quickly and move on to James Bond Pros very soon. Stern has already produced some James Bonds with "cyclops" coin doors for export to Europe. Locations get the first dibs on the next batch of Bonds. I've seen a number of arcades / bars promoting their James Bond Launch Parties for the second week of December so Stern seems to be planning on getting them out soon. I can't wait to play one in the wild.

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