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Stern Pinball…All That Smoke & No Fire?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

First off, thank you so much to everyone who donated to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital fundraiser. We’re up to $500 already for a very worthy cause (link below).

Now onto the news. Late last week I spoke with a couple of pinball distributors and after hearing what they had to say, chinks started to appear in the armor of the Stern Pinball is going to reveal its next game this week rumor. Many of them expressed their doubts that Stern is going to unveil anything at the much talked-about San Diego Comic Con.

They have a cool new booth at the show with a World Famous comic artist who has historically been linked to the rumored next title and one of the most famous rock stars of all time and no reveal? As hard as it is to believe, that may be what’s happening.

Beyond the above rumblings that I heard, Zach Meny of the fantastic The Pinball Show podcast stated on the latest episode that he doesn’t believe there will be a new game reveal by Stern this week. His reasons are as follows:

1) Stern almost never reveals new games at shows any more and

2) Looking at the Stern’s production schedule, there’s a gap in August and even more room in September, but none right now. If they can’t put the game into full production right away, Stern probably won’t reveal it.

Furthermore, Zach doesn’t even believe that Ozzy is involved with the next Stern title at all. He added that he expects Dwight Sullivan to be on code for the next pin.

This doesn’t mean that McFarlane and Ozzy aren’t somehow involved with Stern’s next game, but we may not see it this week.

We’ll see. Stern certainly is doing a good job at keeping us guessing, which I love because it means that there’s more for us to talk about and who doesn’t like talking about pinball?

Here‘s a link to check out Zach and Dennis on the latest episode of The Pinball Show:

And here’s a link to the ongoing Knapp Arcade fundraiser for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital:

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