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Stern Pinball Black Knight Sword of Rage & Many Other Toppers Begin to Arrive at Distributors

First was the rumor, then was the confirmation from Stern Pinball...and now the new run of the coveted Black Knight Sword of Rage toppers has begun to arrive at distributors. From the look of this picture of a TON of toppers are arriving at distributors!

According to social media posts, distros now have Avengers, Elvira, Godzilla and James Bond toppers arriving and in stock now. Some dealers have Mando toppers left as well.

They are available now through distributors for $1,499.

New Run of Sought After Black Knight Topper; Special LE Version Coming?; Godzilla Prem on the Line

Stern Pinball Confirms Black Knight Topper Production

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Dec 06, 2023

Yeah I see had/have some of their toppers back in stock ready to ship yesterday/today. That will be great if they will continue to increase the production capacity on their accessories going forward if this is a result of Stern's new factory. I ordered my topper almost 8 months ago so its great to finally get it by the end of the year and for the Holidays.


Dec 05, 2023

Such a great day for topper-less pinball machines everywhere!

Having a hard time believing Stern is running more BKSOR LE pinball machines. That should royally piss off five hundred existing LE Owners. For a game that is regularly dogged by casual players. who will pay $13k when they wouldn’t buy for $9k?

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