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Stern Pinball Clarifies What It Meant By “No More Limited Editions After Launch”

Earlier this week I wrote an article that provides some highlights of the recent virtual meeting that Stern Pinball held with its distributors. One of the slides in the presentation said the following:

"Drive Value

No more limited editions after launch.

  • Any Spike 2 (LCD) game refreshes will be Pro / Premium with code to extend

  • Current generation (LCD) LEs will only be issued once, buy with confidence.

To expand pinball for everyone, we will consider

  • Bringing back high-demand Pro / Premium LCD titles

  • Remastering older generation DMD titles"

There was a lot more to the presentation that I went into in the earlier article, but I want to focus on this part because there has been some confusion amongst both the public and distributors as to what the above slide meant.

Earlier today I spoke with Stern Pinball's George Gomez on the subject and he said the following:

"Looks like lots of confusion on the topic of future LE’s…to clarify, the magic words are LE. We may celebrate anniversaries with Prem level art packages or create other Premium level editions like Vaults, or remasters.

We won’t make additional version LE’s...

I’ll be reiterating that stuff on podcasts."

He went on to add: "Any future anniversary edition will be based on a Premium game and not numbered or limited."

So there you have it. It sounds like we may see more special Anniversary versions of games in the future.

Games on the line at the new Stern Pinball factory:

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