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Stern Pinball Dedicated Insider Connected App Coming in January

This morning I was catching up on part two of the awesome Super Awesome Pinball Show podcast's interview with Stern Pinball's George Gomez. During the episode, George casually mentioned that the long-anticipated dedicated app for the company's Insider Connected system is going to arrive "hopefully" in January.

As someone who loves all of the achievements and milestones that Insider Connected provides players, this is music to my ears. Some people aren't that into IC, but from my perspective anything that helps me get more mileage out of the several hundred pound, several thousand dollar machines in my home arcade is fantastic. That's not to mention the added fun of getting badges for playing games at new locations and events and hopefully more neat things to come.

Here's a link to the latest episode of the Super Awesome Pinball Show for anyone who's interested in checking out the rest of George Gomez's interview:

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Chuck Casey
Chuck Casey
Sep 02, 2023

Which January were you reporting? January 2023 or 24?

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