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Stern Pinball Has Not Officially Pulled the Plug on Rush Pinball Yet

Over the past week, there's been lots of rumblings that Stern Pinball has pulled the plug on its Rush Pro and Premium pinball machines and that they will not be produced any longer. According to what I am hearing, that is not exactly true.

According to what I've heard, Stern's license for Rush actually runs through 2024, but...the game is not currently on the Company's production schedule. That means if there is enough demand from distributors and consumers for the game Stern can add a production run for it if it chooses to. Will that happen? It's tough to say but technically it's not officially done just yet.

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Kanti Dinda
Kanti Dinda
May 05, 2023

I suspect we will see a last call and 1 last run in 2024

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