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Stern Pinball Huge New Code Drop: New Modes for Stranger Things, Elvira, Venom & Commercials?!

Just in time for the family to play over Thanksgiving, Stern Pinball dropped a massive code uptate today - launching new code for an astonishing twenty-two of its games. I went through a number of the "Read Me" files for the updates and unfortunately most of them look like they were very small. Owners of Stranger Things, Elvira's House of Horrors and Venom should rejoice though because their games received new modes. Foo Fighters also received a number of new achievements, which is always entertaining.

Interestingly, the new code also adds a long advertisement for other Stern Pinball products to the attract mode of games (see below). It wasn't unprecidented for pinball machines to have ads for other games or public service announcements like "Don't Do Drugs" on their DMDs back in the day, but this is a pretty long advertisement that Stern added to games. Thanks for the heads up, Bob & Kelly.

It looks like Stern machines have a setting in their menus called "Standard Adjustment 55" that allows owners to turn off games' "Display Message of the Day" and opt out of having the new ads run on their machines.

NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted new code updates across 22 different games! Some highlights include:

Venom code v0.94.0:

  • New KLYNTAR MULTIBALL Final Wizard Mode

  • New KNULL CHALLENGE MODE to practice battling Knull 

Elvira's House of Horrors code v1.08.0:


Foo Fighters code v0.99.0:


Stranger Things code v1.09.0:


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