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Stern Pinball Production Update...Black Knight Sword of Rage Going Back on the Line, New Cornerstone & More

Now we're talking. Two posts in the span of a couple of hours. Hot off the press, According to the Illinois pinball distributor Tilt Amusements, Stern Pinball is doing a small new run of Black Knight Sword of Rage Pro pinball machines in June.

Coincidentally, I actually just tried to buy a used Black Knight Pro about a week ago only to find out that it had sold before I got to it, so it definitely seems like there's demand for Pros out there - which is considered by many to be the better playing version than the Premium and Limited Edition models.

Even better, many distributors have the official Black Knight topper - possibly Stern Pinball's best topper ever, in stock so buyers can get that with their game if they want to.

UPDATE: I actually just found out more information on Stern Pinball's production schedule that I figured I'd tag onto this post. Here's the latest...

The week of April 29th, Stern has both versions of James Bond...Pro and Premium on the production line. I kind of want a James Bond Pro for my home arcade. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a local used one, but there really hasn't been any. There's some NIB Premiums around, but not many Pros so it's nice to see them getting another run.

In May, Stern is definitely going to be running its next Cornerstone game.

In June, Stern is running the aforementioned Black Knight Pros as well as JAWS Pro and Premium.

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All over this one. Since I got my EJ CE I've been a fan of Mr. Richie and am starting a new wing of the collection. Got the order in with topper and art blades.

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This is proof God exists

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