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Stern Pinball James Bond Limited Edition Pictures Appear Online

After a couple of false starts, the day is here! Stern Pinball is scheduled to officially reveal its newest cornerstone game, James Bond in just over an hour. In the meantime, here's something to tide everyone over. Pictures of the yet to be seen Limited Edition James Bond machine just appeared on Pinside...and man it looks amazing. Apparently the pictures were briefly up on Stern's website before they were taken down.

The LE art package is based on the Bond movie "Thunderball." Stern plans to produce 1,000 Limited Edition units. The inner art blades for the LEs appear to be some sort of early sketches or storyboards for the Bond movies, which is actually pretty darn cool.

As I mentioned in a post about the potential for an Avatar ocean-themed pinball machine a week or two ago, I love ocean-themed pins for some reason. LOVE THEM. Well, we just got that from Stern's side art on the Bond LE. Oh man, it's awesome. Too bad this is the LE art because I'll never personally buy LEs when I can get the same game play from a Premium for less money.

Anyone who is a Stern Insider Connected All Access member has a chance to be able to order one of a limited number of Bond LEs on Stern's website at 11:00 AM EST. Here's a link:

UPDATE: Since this article was published, Stern has released the full details of the new James Bond games. Click here to check out all the news:

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