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Stern Pinball JAWS is Now On Location!

Oh wow. That didn't take long. The first Stern Pinball JAWS Premium pinball machine is now on location at "On Tilt," the fantastic pinball speakeasy located in the back of Ayce Gogi, a tasty Korean BBQ restaurant in Van Nuys, California.

If you live in the area, get over there and pump some quarters into it!

The JAWS Pros were scheduled to go on the production line first, so I'm not sure how On Tilt not their hands on a Premium, so that's pretty awesome. Maybe it's a prototype machine that Stern is doing some location testing with?

Below is a pic of the JAWS on location today and as an added bonus a few pictures that a slightly younger-looking and slightly worse photographer me took on my trip to Ayce Gogi back in 2019.

UPDATE: The list is growing...word is that Enterrium in Schaumburg, IL and Logan Arcade in Chicago have JAWS on location as of tonight as well.

Insider Connected achievements for the game are now Live.

Pictures of Ayce Gogi On Tilt from 2019:

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