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Stern Pinball John Wick and Pedretti Gaming FunHouse Remake are at Golden State Pinball Festival

Just a quick note during the weekly Friday Knapp Arcade Happy Hour (TM) to let everyone know that in addition to the 344 pinball machines that I mentioned here earlier this morning, the Golden State Pinball Festical now has 4 more…

2 Stern Pinball John Wick Pros


2 Pedretti Gaming FunHouse Remakes, one Classic and one LE

The newest games on the block. So get over there and play them!

Cheers from Happy Hour :)

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Walt Wood
Walt Wood
May 18

The best is when you're waiting on that line and the one dude on line in front of you starts himself up a four-player game....GRRR..... 🤣


May 17

Wish I could attend, looks like a blast.

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