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Stern Pinball John Wick is on the Production Line, Stern to Reveal Gameplay Tonight

Happy Friday everyone! What better way to celebrate than with the first ever gameplay stream of Stern Pinball's brand new game, John Wick? Not only that, but it's Factory Friday so we get to see a glimpse of the game already on the production line in large numbers.

Stern is going to stream the game on both its YouTube and Twitch channels today at 4:00 PM Central. I plan on putting it on the big TV with beer in hand in a few hours. Can't wait to see the game in action!

Look at all those machines. This means that we should see them showing up on location very soon. I can't wait to pump some quarters into one.

Here's a link to the short game production video:

And links to the gameplay premier:

And an embedded video of the legendary Ian McShane recording callouts for the game...

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