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Stern Pinball Launches Home Team Feature for Insider Connected

I've been waiting for this update from Stern Pinball's Insider Connected ever since I first heard about it. This morning the company announced that it's new "Home Team" feature is now available on connected machines. This means that homeowners who want to hunt achievements on their Stern pinball machines no longer have to scan their QR code to log into their own games.

Home Team allows game owners to store up to eight Insider Connected accounts in their machines. Once it is set up, players can hold in their machine's left flipper button for two seconds, select their account and play without ever having to flip through their photos or log into the IC website to find their QR code again. Pretty cool. I'm definitely going to set this up for my family on all of my connected pins. It sounds like one only has to set all of the players up on one machine and it carries over to all of the pins that they have registered to that Insider Connected account.

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Aug 03, 2022

That’s a game-changer, literally, for home use. Even though I don’t have a newish Stern (yet), I can see how much easier/convenient that’s going to be. *When I get my Godzilla Premium, I’ll be ready for this.

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