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Stern Pinball Launches Insider Connected "Year In Review" & Achievement Rarity Statistics

Over the years, I've made some massive last ball comebacks during multi-player pinball games against my sons and friends. Now I have statistics to back those legendary Ball 3 comebacks up, as well as a bunch of other interesting statistics about my gameplay - courtesy of the new Stern Pinball Insider Connected "Year In Review" feature.

Not only am I a Big Ball 3 guy, I play the most on Fridays and had a huge pinball month in August. I played 439 games using the Stern Insider Connected system in 2022 and have completed an above average number of achievements in the system.

Man those achievements are addictive. I finally hit the fourth Skill Shot on Stern's Jurassic Park yesterday for the first time and I was absolutely ecstatic that I did. Without Insider Connected and the achievement that I was awarded for doing so, it would have been a much more pedestrian moment. Last night, I also picked up a bunch of achievements that I was missing in my Stern Guardians of the Galaxy Pro. The whole achievement system extends the longevity of games in my collection by giving me more things to shoot for, even after I've played them a million times. I love that. The more I can do with these multi-hundred pound, multi-thousand-dollar machines that I've lugged down into my basement, the better.

In addition to the year-end stats, Stern also added percentages next to each achievement showing how rare they are, which is pretty cool too.

Below are Stern's teaser video for the "Year End Review" and a bunch of my stats for the year...

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