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Stern Pinball Launches Rush Treasure Chest Collectable Pack

Stern Pinball has sold packs of collectibles for its machines in the past, including for Elvira and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but they've kicked things up a notch with this new offering for RUSH.

Limited to 300 units, this $499.99 pack includes autographs of band members, a special 3D Vinyl record, a shirt, hat, keychain and magnet.

"This is a must have for any RUSH fan! This Stern Pinball exclusive RUSH Treasure Chest contains the following collectible items:

  • Autographed trading cards of Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson

  • RUSH (Hemispheres) 3D Vinyl™ by Knuckle Bonz

  • Exclusive T-shirt, hat, keychain and magnet

  • All contained in a special box with art from the official RUSH pinball machine

  • Limited to 300 pieces

The 3D Vinyl™ is officially licensed, hand-painted and comes with a certificate of authenticity printed on the back. This piece of art was created to capture some of the most iconic images in album art. It measures 12″ (tall) x 12″ (wide) and this unique collectible can be desk-mounted or wall-mounted.

This highly collectible Stern exclusive RUSH Treasure Chest is limited to only 300 pieces! Get it in a rush, while supplies last!"

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