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Stern Pinball May be Revealing a Stranger Things Vault Edition This Week

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

This morning, the Pinside Prophet "mnpinball" began posting about how Stern Pinball is coming out with a Vault Edition of its Stranger Things pinball machine "by Christmas." This isn't exactly a new rumor, I've written numerous times over the past year that Stern Pinball may to do another run of Stranger Things. We've even talked about how it may be the machine that Stern is going to use to fill the mysterious hole in its production schedule this fall.

Later on today, Chris from Kaneda's Pinball Podcast took things a step further and stated that Stern is going to reveal a Stranger Things Vault Edition this coming Tuesday. Supposedly dealers are being informed about the new run of the game this weekend. We'll see early this week if that's indeed happening. I hope so. Stranger Things earns like crazy on location. The world needs more of it. I wonder whether Stern will do another run of Pros like operators are clamoring for or Premiums with the UV Kit installed like collectors want?

Below are a couple of links to articles that I've written on this subject over the past couple of months:

More Fuel for the Another Run of Stranger Things is Coming from Stern Fire

Possible Evidence that Stern Pinball Is Going to Do Another Production Run of Stranger Things

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Oct 01, 2023

vault premium with the projector, or GO HOME! Meesa needs one at MSRP!!!


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