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Stern Pinball Launches App & It Crashes; Moves Up 2-Week Factory Shutdown; New HEXA Space Hunt Video

Minutes ago, Stern pinball finally launched the long-awaited app for its Insider Connected system!

"This Thanksgiving, let's be thankful for the BIG things—like the all new Stern Pinball Insider Connected App!

Download it today on iOS and Android!

Google Play Store:"

At the moment, it appears as though Stern Pinball's entire Insider Connected system is down, possibly as a result of significantly higher than normal number of people all logging into their accounts at the same time.

In other Stern news, every year during the first two weeks of January, Stern pinball typically shuts down its factory to take inventory. According to a report in the new episode of The Pinball Show Podcast, this year, Stern has moved up this inventory-taking period to the last two weeks of December. This change has had a small impact upon Stern's game production schedule.

  • As seen in its weekly "Factory Friday" video series, last week Stern was producting Godzilla Premium.

  • In early December Stern is slated to make its last Guardians of the Galaxy Pro machines.

  • The James Bond Premium run that was scheduled for December has been pushed back to to January 2024.

  • Two small runs of Godzilla Premium and Stranger Things Premium, probably Stern's two most popular games at the moment, are now slated for in January 2024

These moves may mean that we won't see a teaser or a sneak peek for Stern's next Cornerstone game, which is rumored to be Jaws, in December. We may have to wait until sometime in January to see shark pinball...if that is indeed what is coming. Time will tell. I'm very excited to see the next Keith Elwin game.

The Pinball Show Ep 141 BONUS: Gee Thanks-Giving

In other pinball news, yesterday HEXA Pinball uploaded a new gameplay and tutorial video for its brand new game Space Hunt to the Soirée Flip YouTube channel. The very detailed look at the game is narrated in both English and French.

Switching over to the world of digital pinball, At Games revealed two new art packages for its upcoming Legends 4K Virtual Pinball machine, one based upon its proprietary "Dinosaur Dynasty" table and one based upon Zen Pinball's Peanuts Snoopy Pinball table. Both of these new machines are availalbe for pre-order now with a $200 deposit. Delivery of the first machines is currently slated for late April / Early May 2024.

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Mine actually worked fine....and I'm still logged in. Mine is installed on an Android.


Bob N
Bob N
Nov 21, 2023

The app is broken. As an Android developer for 15+ years, this is very bad. When logging in, it does nothing. Hey Stern, spend the extra 5 minutes and put a progress spinner on the page. The Remember me does not work. Perfect example of zero software QA. WOW, this is sad


Nov 21, 2023

I can’t get the app to work on 2 different apple devices. Lots of ‘sorry, that didn’t work.’ error message. Could be traffic from everyone trying to test it out at the same time.

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