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Stern Pinball Venom Official Reveal Date; Pricing; New Rumors

We received some super exciting news this morning with Stern Pinball's official confirmation that Venom is its next Cornerstone game. I have additional details on it for everyone. Stern Venom will officially launch on Tuesday, July 18th. As usual (but is actually not the case for a future release...we'll talk later) Venom will be available in three trim levels, Pro, Premium and Limited Edition.

Pricing for all three Venom trims is exactly the same as it was for Stern's last release, Foo Fighters, $6,999 for the Pro, $9,699 for the Premium and $12,999 for the Limited Edition. As I mentioned in my previous article, Venom was designed by Brian Eddy with art by Zombie Yeti.

Production of Pro machines is slated to begin in late August - starting with games for locations. Venom LEs production is not slated to begin until mid-September, followed by Premium models in late September.

It is heavily rumored by people who have seen the new Stern pin, that it will contain a number of other Marvel characters, such as Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Captain America. I cannot confirm this because I have not personally seen Venom yet, but if it's true it sounds super cool.

There's no word yet on what the music for the Venom pin will be like. It had been rumored that the music might include songs by Ozzy Osbourne since Stern held an autograph session featuring Ozzy and Todd MacFarlane in its booth at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, but at this point we have no idea whether that will actually happen.

I can't wait until next Tuesday to see the game in action. New games are always so much fun to talk about!

Venomized versions of Marvel characters from across the web:

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