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Stern Pinball Production Schedule as of 12/5/2023

Late yesterday a new episode of The Pinball Network's podcast The Pinball show dropped. The whopping two hour episode contained Zach's always interesting Stern Pinball Production update. Below is the latest Stern production information according to the episode:

- Stern Pinball Guardians of the Galaxy Pro shipping now

- Stranger Things Premium may be the last production game from Stern in 2023

- Factory shutdown for last two weeks of the year

- January 2024 James Bond Premium, small runs of Stranger Things Premium & Godzilla Premium and Pro and Limited Edition games for Stern Pinball's next cornerstone game...rumored to be Keith Elwin Jaws.

- February 2024 May be the Premium run for Stern Pinball's next Cornerstone game.

- Q2 2024 Foo Fighters Pro, Venom Pro & Premium

- Q3 2024 James Bond Pro, Godzilla Pro, Jurassic Park Pro, Foo Fighters Pro

- Q4 2024 Foo Fighters Premium, James Bond Premium, Deadpool Pro, Stranger Things Pro

- Rumor has it that Stern may not do another run of Mandalorian until 2025

The Pinball Show Ep 142: WIN A Topper, Playfield, Armor, & More - HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY + 2023 Full Industry Analysis

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No mention of the Star Wars Pin....only Mandalorian?

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