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Stern Pinball Production Update & Rumored Stern Cornerstone at Year-End

This morning Zach Meny and Dennis Kriesel hosted a new episode of The Pinball Show podcast. During the episode, Zach provided an update on Stern Pinball’s production schedule and an interesting rumor…

As seen in this week’s Stern Pinball “Factory Friday” video the company’s Led Zeppelin Pro & Premiums have been on the line. That run should continue for another week.

After that Stern plans to run the final Guardians of the Galaxy Pros and any remaining Star Wars machines.

At the end of September, Stern will run James Bond Pro for locations. That will continue until the Company switches over to James Bond Limited Editions by mid-October.

Stern has decided to push its scheduled fall last run of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pins back to December...but what is after that?

On the show, Zach guessed that Stern may release another new Cornerstone game in December. What could it be? The two hosts guessed that it might be the first cornerstone game from Stern Pinball’s new designer, Jack Danger AND that it might be a music-themed game. Hmmmm.

We’ll see. I’d love it if Stern did reveal another cornerstone machine in 2022. There’s so much more in the hobby to talk about when Stern is on its normal schedule.

Here’s a link to the latest episode of The Pinball Show for anyone who’s interested in checking it out:

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