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Stern Pinball Reveals Details of New Jurassic Park Quest

In between swatting away Spotted Lanternflies at halftime of my son's soccer game, I bring you breaking news that as an owner of Stern Pinball's Jurassic Park I've been waiting for.

This afternoon, Stern finally revealed the details of its new Insider Connected Jurassic Quest. As you can see below, Stern has introduced a number of specific challenges that players can complete to earn special badges.

Sounds like fun. I'm all for anything that gives me new goals to strive for on my games. It looks like I'm going to be playing a lot of Jurassic Park in October!

Now through the month of October, any Insider Connected Jurassic Park machine (at home or at a venue) will be eligible for the Dino DNA quest! Players must have an Insider Connected account in order to participate in the quest.

Scan into Stern's Jurassic Park each day to collect specific Dino DNA strands. Good luck! 🦖

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