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Stern Pinball Reveals JAWS Accessories

Today at Noon Eastern Stern Pinball lifted the veil off of its line of accessories for its JAWS pinball machine. The new add-ons for the game are as follows:

Topper: $999.99

Art Blades: $99.99

Shooter Knob: $149.99

Armor: $249.99

Speaker Light Kit: $199.99

"Stern Pinball’s monster hit game JAWS just got better with these newly available upgrades that will take your game to the next level.

JAWS pinball machines and accessories are available now through authorized Stern Pinball distributors and dealers around the world. 🦈"

Pictures and video of the new JAWS accessories are below:

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Walt Wood
Walt Wood
5 days ago

Topper is pretty boring, also I wouldn't consider jaws a "monster hit" as much as stern would like to believe, they kinda hijacked the little mini shark flipper idea from baywatch whom did it better and cooler with an actual fin on it, whatever it takes to keep this circle jerk going I guess, nice touch stern but I feel like in my heart we could do better.


Just saw the release video from Stern. The topper needs some sculps like a real working lighthouse and that lenticualr sign should be able to change without moving your head around. On a good note, at least its not $2,000 but I'm thinking Godzilla topper was nicer.

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