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Stern Pinball Publishes JAWS! Release Schedule

That was fast! After finally officially teasing that JAWS is it's next cornerstone game's theme an hour ago, Stern just released its JAWS schedule of events...and we're getting a feeding frenzy of content about the game.

The Teaser was this morning, "Story Trailer" tomorrow, "Game Trailer," "Features Video" and LE photos on Thursday, Premium photos on Friday and Pro photos on Saturday and Gameplay premier video on Sunday.

Insider Connected achievements for JAWS go live on Monday January 8th, leading me to believe that not only will the game likely make an appearance at the upcoming Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show but it may already be ready to ship and begin appearing on location next week. I sure hope so! I want to get my hands on this thing :)

"This is a whole new kind of Shark Week...

(Not to worry, all photos and information will be released on Thursday, January 4th at 11am CT on"

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