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Stern Pinball Reveals New Official "The Spirit of Radio" Topper & Other Accessories for Rush Pinball

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Fresh on the heels of winning multiple awards at this past weekend's TWIPYs, including the coveted Game of the Year award, Stern Pinball's Rush pinball machine finally has an official topper. Minutes ago, Stern revealed its new Rush "The Spirit of Radio" topper for the game in videos on YouTube and its social media channels.

The topper includes moving gears and a clock that awards one of four items in the game "Extra Ball," "Advance Time Machine," "Millions or a new scoring mode called "Frenzy," which is available exclusively on games with toppers.

In addition to the topper, Stern showed off several other mods for the game, including a new "2012" illumined shooter knob, new "Rush Starman" Side Armor and add-on Expression Lighting Kits.

UPDATE: While I have not seen official pricing for these options from Stern Pinball yet, the distributor Flip N Out now has the following prices listed on its website with an estimated ship date of sometime this "Spring" (

  • $1,699.00 for the Topper

  • $499.99 for the Expression Lighting Side Blades

  • $139.99 for the Shooter Rod

  • $249.99 for the Side Armor

Stern also released new code for Rush today, Version 1.10. The update includes brand new "Concert Mode" gameplay.

"NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted new RUSH code v1.10.0 for the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models. This code contains numerous game enhancements including a new "Concert Mode" gameplay mode as well as full support for all official RUSH Accessories. The Topper accessory includes 4 features (Extra Ball, Advance Time Machine, Millions, and Frenzy, a new scoring mode available exclusively with the topper). This code also contains additional polish, game adjustments, and bug fixes."

UPDATE 2: Rush's designer John Borg, just shared these pictures of the prototypes for the accessories on Facebook:

Below are the stern Rush accessory teaser video and pictures:

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