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Stern Pinball’s New Foo Fighters LE Sold Out in Record Time; Play It This Weekend in Austin, TX

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

As much as people talk about a possible slowing in demand for pinball machines, I personally have yet to see any evidence of it. Despite intense competition in the new game market right now, the Limited Edition trim of Stern Pinball's new Foo Fighters pinball machine sold all 1,000 units at $12,999 in minutes, which is a new record for the fastest LE sell out in Company history.

The entire first production run of Foo Fighters Pro and Premium editions sold out as well, in only a few days. Stern is planning to do a second run of Pros and Premiums in several months.

The public will get its first opportunity to play the new Foo Fighters pin this weekend in Austin, Texas. Stern is creating a pop-up arcade at The Pershing in Austin, Texas in conjunction with the SXSW "The House of Internet" conference on Friday, 3/10 and Saturday, 3/11. Attendees who play the game at the event will receive a special Insider Connected badge and achievements. Below are pictures of several of the machines being set up at the event.

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