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Stern Pinball’s Upcoming Official Foo Fighters Topper May Be Black Knight-esque

Last night I wrote about how pinball sleuths have figured out that Stern Pinball's upcoming official topper for Venom is based upon a Venomized Ghost Rider. Today I bring news about Stern's upcoming topper for Foo Fighters.

People analyzing the Foo Fighters code have found references to a "Topper Head Device" for the game, a motor and positioning (see below). To me, this sure sounds like the Foo Fighter topper will be a lot like one of Stern's best official toppers of all-time...the moving knight head topper for Black Knight Sword of Rage.

It's tough to say whether the Foo Fighters topper will look like the giant Voltron-like Robot that the band transforms into in the game or the Alien Overlord that they fight. My guess would be the robot since the game already has a sculpt of the alien.

Both this and the upcoming Venom topper sound like they're both shaping up to be really cool. I can't wait to see them. Special thanks to Julien Hamel for giving me the heads up on these.

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